Don't know what football square grids are?
​First we create a 10X10 grid with 100 squares and the x and y axis are the AFC Champion and the NFC Champion like the picture below.​​

Number of Football Square(s) -

​Football Squares for the Big Game - February 13, 2022

​Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring, 2022 season of Team Houston.

​Our only organization fundraiser of the year is always a football squares grid for the big game on February 13, 2022.  This fundraiser helps pay for baseballs, line-up sheets, and other equipment for the organization.

​Squares are sold for $20 each and each participant enters their name or initials in a square.  Once the grid is completely filled in with names, numbers 0-9 are randomly drawn and assigned to each row and column.  The football grid is now complete and ready for the big game.

​Winners are determined at the end of the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and the final score of the game.  Example - At the end of the 1st quarter the score of the game is NFC team 7 and AFC team 13.  The person whose name is in the square with 7 for AFC and 3 for NFC is the winner for that quarter of the game.

Winner Payouts:

1st Quarter - $250

​2nd Quarter - $250

​3rd Quarter - $250

​Final Score - $250

​This year our football square grid is on-line again.

  • Authorization Code for the game is 1357
  • Game 1, Click on this link:  Football Squares
    • ​Enter game number 603834

​You will need to create a login account and then select the squares you want on the grid.  Once you have selected your squares, you can pay for them by selecting the [Pay Now] button at the top of this page.  If you are not a computer person, send an e-mail to the address at the top of the page and we will help you pick squares and pay by cash or check.  If we fill up the Game 1 grid pretty quickly, we will open up another one.